2 thoughts on “Strong, Independent Women Are Confusing Dating For Everyone

  1. Good article, but for me it omits the heart of the matter. Dating might be a game, but a relationship isn’t. Two people cannot sustain a mutually-rewarding relationship if one of them is “independent”. Love is mutual surrender.

    The unstoppable trajectory of women’s liberation in Western society has resulted in a sub-class of women who are out of step with their male counterparts when it comes to relationships. Witness the abundance of dating sites doing a roaring trade, driven by people treating relationships like revolving doors; if the other person is not perfect or slips up once, click, they get replaced. Round and round it goes.

    After two years of intensive dating, I’ve learned a few things lately – such as seeing the word “independent” means I shouldn’t even bother. Harsh, but it’s the reality.

    • And that’s my point. I think it’s great for women to be independent, but I don’t think it’s something that constantly needs to be publicized. If women can fully handle taking care of themselves then why would they even want a man in their lives? Allowing a man to take care of us should’t be looked at as dependent, it should be seen as loving. That’s where we get confusing. When we take away the desire men have to be providers we are missing out on the natural state of a relationship.

      Dating is definitely a game in the beginning stages and for strong, independent women the game can be a struggle. But once there is exclusivity then everyone can relax and surrender and enjoy loving and being loved.

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