One thought on “5 Weird Fears I Have About Being In A Relationship

  1. Fear of anything can drop a block across our path, and keep us from the success we so desire.

    It’s not what “he” wants or may not want. It’s all about what “you want”. This life of yours is carefully designed by you. You are doing everything right by following what makes you happy. So why would that change? He is just along for the ride simply because you find him fun to be with, the moment his attitude get weird you send him home. It’s called “practicing good healthy boundaries” [And yes, this goes both ways]. Connect to the integrity that you are, and you will find yourself the director of your tailored relationship.

    I talk about Boundaries and Personal Power, and The Ego-less Relationship and everything in-between… You’re invited, if you care to wonder through my gardens.
    My blessings to you…

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