3 thoughts on “5 Ways My Relationship Mentality Had To Change In Order to Find The One

  1. Let me tell you how I follow about 10 blogs, really only read about 3 and yours is #1 on my list. I don’t remember how the heck I found your wordpress blog about a year and half ago but I’m glad I did. You write as if you knew my whole love story. Everything you’ve gone through and all the lessons you’ve learnt. I have too. I really connect with your blog. I love your tone and your writing style. I cannot get enough of it. I gush about you and tell you how much I like it, every chance I get because honestly, I have not found one damn blog on the WWW that speaks to me like yours. Most blogs are about fashion, or diary-like, boring mundane crap. The few “relationship” blogs I’ve found are more of a tips kind of blog than a raw account of love and dating. Thank you for sharing your stories and for making me feel like I’m not the only girl who struggles with finding a good guy.
    It’s because of you I’ve decided to start blogging. Thanks for inspiring me!!!

    • Thank you so much, C.C.! I really appreciate your kind words! I’m so happy that others can relate to what I’m saying because sometimes it feels like I’m the last lonely, single girl on the planet. There is much more to come and hopefully somewhere in the near future we can both blog about what it’s like to finally find love! 🙂 xxx

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