Your Love Story

If this is your love story you will not have to force it. Any of it. 

Sometimes you make an appearance in someone’s else’s love story but you’re not the main character. You’re a lesson on that person’s journey. Or they are your lesson. 

Learn the difference. 

And once you have learned that difference, step out of the way if it’s not you. 

If it’s you, you will know. You will not have to beg for their time or cajole them into caring. 

They will never be in a state of indifference about you if it’s you. Trust me. 

You cannot mold someone into your idea of your love story either. Some will be willing to be whatever you need them to so that they too can feel less alone. But don’t be fooled. It shouldn’t feel like that. 

It shouldn’t feel like a constant question. Are they the one? Am I in love? How do you know when it’s right?

When it’s right you don’t ask these questions. No exceptions. Guaranteed. 

Because when you’re the star of the love story the questions stop. You’re just there. It just happened. You were swept away. 

There will be no controlling or maneuvering to fit the pieces together. They will already be the missing piece to your puzzle. 

Love is so hard to explain to those who have never truly felt it or who aren’t currently in it. Because it can’t be summed up into one simple idea or phrase. It’s messy and unorganized. It doesn’t follow a pattern. It hurts and it’s ugly and it breaks barriers that you thought couldn’t be broken. 

But when it’s supposed to be your love story somehow it all just works. It’s just right. It doesn’t make sense and you don’t know how it happened but it happened. 

And that’s when you know that it’s your love story. That you’re the only person in this world at this time that could light up his eyes like that. 

And suddenly you understand why it never worked out with any of the others. That was not your love story. THIS ONE is yours. 

You have to stay quiet and patient enough to allow your story to come to you and unfold. We don’t want to do that. We want immediate satisfaction. So we push and we press and we mold what is not meant for us into being good enough. 

And then we wonder why it isn’t working. Why we resent them. Why they never seem to care. Why the child ends up inside a broken home. 

You knew. You knew they were not the leading man of your story. He knew you were not the leading lady. Better that than nothing? Not in my world. 

You wait for that moment. Because even if it takes years that rush, that feeling, is so fucking worth it. But you will miss it. Your real love story will have empty chapters because you filled them in a different book. Not the Love book. The Placeholder book. 

Let yourself experience YOUR love story. 

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